Paperless: Lists + Checklists

Paperless: Lists + Checklists

By Crush Apps

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2010-03-05
  • Current Version: 2.4.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 29.01 MB
  • Developer: Crush Apps
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.30827
From 266 Ratings


Get the app that Macworld says "deserves a spot on your iPhone"! MAKE LISTS OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING Paperless is a simple but powerful app for making lists. Use it to create to do lists, make grocery lists, take notes, write an outline of a story, prepare notes for a presentation, make a list of gift ideas, plan a vacation... or anything else you'd want to make a list for. BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED Assign a fun icon to each of your lists - there are over 450 to choose from. You can also select from 30 themes to customize the app's design to your liking. SIMPLE AND VERSATILE Paperless is easy to use with a clean, elegant and well thought out interface. Each list can either be a checklist or a regular list without checkboxes, making a wide variety of uses possible. REALLY HELPS YOU GET THINGS DONE For checklists and todo lists, many people prefer using Paperless over traditional "getting things done" apps - or, they use it in addition to one. There are no due dates or priority settings, so you're left to focus on the actual tasks at hand, rather than waste time changing those settings when your priorities change. Instead, if a particular task becomes important, you can simply move it to the top of the list. AUTOMATIC BACKUP AND SYNCING Automatically backup your lists and sync them between iOS devices via a free Dropbox account. POWERFUL FEATURES - send lists via email, others can import your list into their copy of Paperless - send a plain text version of a list via iMessage, or copy it into another app - easily duplicate lists - manually reorder lists and list items - sort list items alphabetically - copy and move items from one list to another - comprehensive search - passcode lock PRAISED BY THE PRESS "Paperless deserves a spot on your iPhone" - Lex Friedman, Macworld (4.5 out of 5 mice rating) "Paperless has a permanent spot on the first page of my iPhone's home screen... it will probably earn a similar spot on yours." - Marianne Schultz, AppShopper "... a good way to ensure things get done at your own pace, free of the disappointment of missing deadlines." - Nick Spence, Macworld UK "I've been trying many To Do apps since iPhone 1.0 -- from the expensive Things to Toodledo and others -- and I don't use any of them regularly. Most just require too much effort. Paperless is the first one I've found that hits that sweet spot between being simple enough you'll actually use it and powerful enough to be useful." - Marc Zeedar, REALbasic Developer Magazine (4.8 out of 5 rating) "This is one nice-looking list / task app... As a basic list app, the beautiful Paperless reigns supreme." - Bonnie Eisenman, (4 out of 5 rating) PRAISED BY USERS "Best app ever - The most incredibly useful app I've come across. Simple, effective and bloody marvelous!!!" "The simplicity of the interface and the flexibility given to the user is perfection." "Simply loved it - Best app I've ever downloaded, my life is so organized now! ..." "After having tried a good deal of apps to get myself more organized - both free and paid - it is clear that this tops them all. Other apps presented a kind of novelty; I could fool myself into thinking that I was more organized, but it was never long before I abandoned them because it was obvious that they consumed unnecessary time. Paperless, however, has truly helped. It is streamlined, it is simple, it is sumptuous" PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW If you love Paperless, please leave a review and star rating. Thank you!



  • Perfect memory tool for forgetful people

    By Njeanne
    I use this app to make up for my forgetfulness. For example, I have a list of things to bring on hikes. It is annoying to be on the trail and realize you forgot the sunscreen. I also use it for packing lists for traveling. I have lists for travel to warm climates and lists for international destinations. I literally use this app everyday. I have dozens of lists. The one enhancement I would like is to have a way to check an item as “not applicable “. I would like to keep an item on the list with a N/A rather than delete it or check it. Deleting it removes it from the list when it may be needed another time. Checking it means it was done or packed. An example is insecticide. I may not need to pack that if I travel to a northern climate, but it may be needed for a tropical destination. I would like to create a master packing list with a N/A category for items not needed for a particular outing. I hope the developers will consider this.
  • Great app

    By PAGGK
    Very easy to use (better than their later Ikiru). I like that if you have it passcode locked it actually locks the second you go out of the app (Ikiru doesn’t).
  • HELP

    By Boring97306
    I have used this app for years and have lots of information saved on it. Today when I opened it it kept crashing. I am using 13.3.1. I restarted my phone and that didn’t help. Can you please help?
  • Very Useful

    By tjean51
    I have been using this app for several years and it is very useful. I have lists for specific wholesalers, grocery shopping by specific store, family groups, and even several years of Christmas lists. The only item on my wish list is the ability to alphabetize the main screen that shows all my lists! If the individual list screen can be alphabetized why can’t the main screen?? Please try to update this.
  • Not so much

    By JodyKent
    I loved this app until I upgraded my phone. You’re unable to move the lists from one phone to another, so everything is lost.
  • Love it, but..

    By saricross
    It’s nearly perfect, but I wish you could set timed reminders on things and get a push notification. Then I could get off the horrid apple reminders altogether.
  • Job well done!

    By Nathan0001
    Paperless is a near-perfect note management and all-round personal knowledgebase with a easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface. It’s simplicity makes it extremely flexible and able to adapt to almost any note-taking need I can come up with. It’s honestly hard to think of something I would improve. I just wish there was a web-based version of Paperless that I could run in my web browser on my desktop PC. Oh, and the ability to export my notes to JSON would be nice. Just a thought. I’ve tested the developer’s successor to Paperless named “Ikiru” and I have to say it’s far inferior to Paperless in pretty much every way. I hope the developers don’t have plans of abandoning Paperless anytime soon.
  • What it does do, it does with 100% perfection

    By MarkAtlanta44
    OK, so it does not do everything that an app like this might do. But what it does do, it does with 100% perfection. I have used it for years, primarily for packing lists shopping lists and simple to do lists. For reminders, attaching photos, and other more advanced features I use the iOS built-in reminders app. But for simple, easy to use checklists, this beats the built-in Reminders app hands-down. I like it so much I just tipped the developer $10.
  • My most often and longest used app

    By pfoxsounds
    I think I’ve been using Paperless for longer than the update history shows here on the App Store. At least 8 years. Mainly it’s what my wife and I use to coordinate grocery lists, Christmas and birthday gifts for our children, and things that need doing around the house. I’m glad the developer continues to maintain it! For anyone who hasn’t browsed the help section of the app, the dev is working on a fix for iOS 13 issues such as invisible/white text and main screen sort indicators not showing (the latter is why I almost reported a bug with sorting not being available...I just can’t see the little three line symbol in edit mode).
  • What happened?

    By Superflyiceman
    This app used to be great. I’ve used it for years. Now I can’t drag items up and down to move them. I make a ton lists where I rate things. Now whatever order I entered the items that’s where they stay. I am very frustrated! Being back this feature immediately please.