By The Education University of Hong Kong


e-Orch is one of the best music-making companions. Check out the award-winning Grid Notation, which makes music score-reading the easiest ever. Make music with various interface that is personalised for your use. Shape your music with the Expression Grid with simple finger gestures. Jam with your family and friends like a pro. Record and share your fantastic music performance with just a tap. Features of e-Orch: Innovative Grid Notation makes music score reading easy • Convenience built-in Grid Notation reader • Direct import score in Grid Notation from the cloud-based software THE GRID • Significantly lower the barrier of music-making Imitate interface makes music like a pro • SmartKey provides a wide range of scales, including major, minor, blues, pentatonic, octatonic, and many • SmartChord contains 16 customisable chords • HexKey makes broken chord playing in the groove • Keyboard gives you the familiar keyboard settings Expression Grid unleashes your creative expression • Delicate dynamic control with a set of simple gestures • Manipulate articulation with multi-finger gesture • Greater control on musical rudiments Jam together in just one tap. Real orchestral experiences for everyone • Real-time collaborative performance session • Synchronised scrolling music score and annotation • Music-making for everyone at anytime and anywhere Game Mode • Practice your skills before joining a jam session • Build-in 16 pieces for instant playing Guest Mode • Start your music journey without registering an account • Build-in 16 pieces for instant jamming with friends Fresh collection of instrument sounds with specific techniques • 25 Western and 5 Chinese musical instruments for cross-culture music creation Record your playing, share it with the world • Built-in audio recording and export function This application is developed by Dr. Leung Chi Hin of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, EdUHK and EdUHK Music Innovation and Design Lab, with the support of the EdUHK iTech Fund. For any enquiries, please get in touch with musid@eduhk.hk For more information, please visit https://www.musidlab.com/