Diffuse Master

Diffuse Master

By Ultragmes Entertainment Private Limited


You have the responsibility of saving lives! Enter the world of tension but keep calm, you are a bomb defuser. Relax your mind and untangle the tangled wires on the bombs to defuse them before they explode. This game needs concentration and a relaxed mind to win. Test your abilities for placing the wires where they belong and cut them once they are all untangled. The time is ticking- tick tock tick tock, so you will have to be very accurate in making the right decision- blue, red, green, yellow.. choose wisely. With every level you win, your task will become more difficult, the wires will be more tangled and the bombs will be more fatal. Your skills are all that takes to be the ultimate bomb defuser. Download now and save the world! Features: Simple one tap mechanism Variety of bombs to defuse Untangle the tangled wires A nail-biting experience