Borewell Locator

Borewell Locator

By Virtua Technologies Pty Limited


Borewell Locator A dedication to the two year old boy – Sujith Wilson. The demise of Sujith Wilson was a shocker and in due respect we have created this application to circumvent such occurrences. A beneficial, convenient and one of a kind application to rescue, locate and monitor - Borewell Locator absolutely for Free. Borewell is used to create a well underground to draw water and save space of open well. The yield of the borewell will depend upon on the water table and bore depth, a drawing pipe is lowered and on the top motor pump is fixed to draw the water from tube well. A bore well is drilled with casing pipe put only up to the soil-rock boundary and this is done normally for shallow depths in hard rock or in crystalline rock. But in a tube well, the casing pipes are put up to the bottom of the bore wells, with perforation in the pipes in some level. Country like India being an agricultural country and depends mainly on groundwater for irrigation. With cumulative urbanisation, Population and lesser land holdings, deeper borewells are dug for groundwater abstraction. The Borewells are vertical drilled wells, bored into an underground aquifer in the earth’s surface, to extract water for various purposes. These unnoticed tube wells and borewell caused tragic incident such as Sujith’s lose. The death of Sujith has given life to the application called Borewell Locator to stop/evade all these kind of catastrophe. Features: · User Friendly · Borewell Locator-App used to locate the bore well. · Borewell scanner · Repot borewell · Identify status of the borewell. (Open/closed/Work in progress/Under construction) · User can post bore well's details with photos and status.